How our kids program works


We often get questions about our children's program here at Strive so we wanted to break down a normal day of class for any parents interested in putting their kids in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  
A lot of our kids start with us a little shy and nervous, and we get it, it can be a little intimidating to start out in a new environment with new people. Usually by the time their Gi (Uniform) arrives they've made a couple of friends and are starting to feel at home and relaxed while learning at the academy.  One of the beautiful things about kids learning a martial art like Jiu Jitsu is that they are allowed to learn at a pace they are comfortable with.  Kids who are focused on competing can pair off and drill at a more aggressive pace and push themselves together.  The kids who are here more so for self defense can focus more heavily on those areas and develop their skills under the watchful eye of one of the many certified instructors.  With an age group starting as young as 4 there will always be kids working on their own very unique game and all our instructors support them in whatever their goals at the academy are.   

Our classes always start with a warm up; we get the blood pumping with warm ups based entirely on improving their balance, self awareness and overall Jiu Jitsu performance. 


After warm ups the kids go over a drill for a specific Jiu Jitsu technique; most of our kids techniques are based heavily in self defense.  Our kids who want to compete also have a chance to work on sport Jiu Jitsu at this point.  We want our kids to be healthy, confident and bully proof! 


After technique they get a chance to do live matches: where they have friendly competitive rolls to test their Jiu Jitsu skills against one another.  The rolls are carefully overseen by instructors to make sure no one gets hurt. This hands on time is an amazing work out and chance for them to practice their skills in a more realistic situation.  Kids are not required to roll but it's a fantastic opportunity for them to grow!  


At the end of class if the kids earned it we play a few high energy games before bowing out, shaking hands and hanging up our gi's till the next day.  At Strive Academy kids are welcome to train up to 5 days a week or whatever schedule works for your families needs. 

Outside of the physical benefits of Jiu Jitsu for children our kids also come away with a sense of self worth, pride and accomplishment that is difficult to replicate in their normal day to day activities.  We have the absolute privilege of watching kids from all walks of life blossom and flourish here at Strive and we wouldn't want it any other way.  Whatever their goals are here, to get healthier, to make friends, to be bully proof or to become world champions; we will support and guide them to be their best self possible!  

Come in today and sign up for a 1 week free trial and see why Jiu Jitsu will change your life!